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this is great. >> reporter: jt and shaun, with giants broadcaster dave fleming who called the final out. >> that was pretty cool. that's something i will never forget. >> reporter: floats preceded the players but they came one convertible at a time. some with families, some alone. aubrey huff talked about some of the key players to this postseason compared to two years ago. >> zito not being on the roster, ryan, what a story. >> reporter: what a story the giants are and for these fans who came today. >> how was school today? >> good! . >> you didn't go. >> no. >> reporter: the 2012 giants will never forget. >> exciting to see second year in three years, amazing. >> most important part is all the fanfare. everybody's spirit. >> and at giant's fans make their way down to muni and bart the t-shirts are still for sale. spirit is great. the parade was great.
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everybody said they can't wait for another one. giants, 2013. live tonight. ktv channel 2news. >> the victim are you parade ended at civic center. it was a love letter to the giants. ken wade had the best seat in the house. he is live now where one player's t-shirt is really the talk of the town. >> reporter: well, they are still breaking down from the big party at city hall. giants fans got all they could ask for and more here at the center. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: not just a key to the city but a gold broom. >> the broom to the city. for the giants, yes! congratulations on sweeping the world series championship. >> reporter: tens of thousands soaked it in. >> we are the giants!
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we are san francisco! we are the world champions! sergio sporting a t-shirt reading, i just look illegal summed up the team and city. >> you look at each my teammates and we each have a different story. we all have one goal in mind. we all have one job in mind. we all had one dream at mind and that's to become champions. >> reporter: he showed how the city got excited with the slow clap. >> [cheering] [applause] ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: and the show stopper, the surprise appearance by tony bennet. >> golden sun, will shine for
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me. >> reporter: from here the players wipe off the confetti and go home to savor their victory and start getting ready for next season hoping to do it again. >> one of the many memorable moments didn't involve the players but the announcers. >> side -- ♪ [ music ] dave fleming and john miller showed off their dance moves. >> fans packed not only streets but also the buildings lining the streets to watch the parade and john was right there with them. boy, what a day. >> reporter: incredible day. this day wasn't just about the giants and the championship but about the fans.
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they came from all over the bay area and beyond to cheer on the team. >> it's amazing because i'm so much closer though year than two years ago. it's great. >> just a great team that we all want to be here to celebrate and thank them and really bring the spirit of san francisco alive to the whole country. >> reporter: they enjoyed marching bands including the one from cal. even carnival dancers. most people along the parade route didn't make it to the city hall celebration so they missed when the player has to say. >> this is what you play for, this feeling, what a great way to bring the city together. >> i feel great. it's one of the greatest days of my life. >> reporter: early on people walking in the parade included everybody who worked at the ballpark who said it was the best viewing possible. >> your first -- christmas eve and it's all wrapped up in one big package! >> reporter: the virgin
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american flight had a tiger being swept just like the giants swept detroit. >> players -- [inaudible] just as excited to see them. >> i just want to thank them. thank them for the opportunity and thank you for the support throughout the year. >> this is great to see more people here. we love them. they are a big part of our success. no doubt. >> reporter: after the parade fans were still going nuts. >> we got it! two and three! two and three years! >> reporter: many people didn't make it down to the street to see the parade. they watched from rooftops. live in san francisco. ktvu channel 2news. later we find out just how die hard some giant fansr. the length went to so they wouldn't miss out.
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>> developing news out of san francisco where two people have been shot in the tender loin district. we have seen at least one person being taken into custody. eric live there now and you just spoke with the witness to the shooting. >> reporter: we did. we spoke to a couple who said there are a lot of people coming to and from the giant celebration and everybody they say scattered when this shooting happened. you can see they have reopened the street here in less than an hour ago. this shooting happened right in the middle of this intersection. also just moments ago i got an update from police who confirmed that there were two people shot, two men, one has been release from the hospital but the others still there with life threatening injuries. we talked to a woman who watched this all happen from her window. she described two latino men who had been shot. it happened before three just as the giant was wrapping up their celebration over at city
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hall just a few block away from here. the initial call out from police described as many as four suspects wearing orange but a neighbor shared cell phone video where police appeared to be detaining a man in a white shirt. moments ago police said they didn't arrest anyone in this case and again people out here seem to be focused on celebrating the world series win when they heard those shots. >> actually like a -- couple at first, pop pop and then like a couple right the same rhythm right after. >> i looked outside and i thought it was fireworks and then i saw people scattering running and you heard it in rapid succession. pop pop pop pop. you knew right away it was gun shots. >> reporter: you can see some of the crime scene tech glove that were left out here after processing the scene. at this point police say that they don't think this shooting has a connection to the celebration just a way away from here for the giants, however we know there were a
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lot of people when this happened out here. again no official arrests made at this point. officials aren't even sure how many suspects they may have because of the chaos out here at the time. they are still septembering what the cause or the motive may be in the case. gang officers were also out at the scene investigating. we are live in san francisco. ktvu channel 2news. >> police arrested a 22-year- old man for breaking a muni bus wind shield after the game. officers took him into custody yesterday after identitying him in a photograph. officials say that several buses were vandalized. a fleet wide assessment is underway. they will try to save parts one bus destroy destroyed by fire. >> the death toll from the storm back east jumped to 64 and tonight about six million
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customers still without power. john fowler here now with more startling pictures of the damage and also word of more evacuations. >> reporter: we have just learned 700 patients new york's bellevue hospital are being evacuated right now because of flooding and power failures. late word that the airport could reopen tomorrow morning. still clearing skies today brought a sobering reality. shocking damage becoming clear today. the new jersey shore, whole neighborhoods swallowed. block after block of shattered homes, shaken survivors. >> trying to get out of a window. you are up to your neck in water. it's freezing, the wind is blowing. >> reporter: national guard troops today still rescuing thousands of displaced. >> saying two days before power and i lot of the first. . >> reporter: the president and new jersey governor met with residents. >> i don't know where to go. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: many have no flood
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insurance. the water remains. with power out likely for days yet gas stations rationing fueln. manhattan traffic is moving but power still out at underpasses flooded. subways may reopen in a few days. officials today confirmed 110 homes lost in that downed power line fire. >> this is a long time recovery and reconstruction effort. that's how we need to think about it. >> reporter: jersey seaside park roller coaster, a symbol of what officials said may be the most costly storm in united states history. reporting live. john fowler. >> reporter: bay area airports slowly getting back to normal offer the super storm but even so 39 flights to and from the east coast were canceled. at san jose one jet flight was canceled and in oakland one flight that was supposed to leave tonight has been
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canceled. on wall street the stock market reopened after being closed two days. the dow fell ten points, the nasdaq was also down about ten but the s&p500 rose a fraction. >> a school district facing a lawsuit connected a 1990 sex abuse scandal. two women claim the former superintendent, former principal and former assistant principal failed to take action against accused teacher daniel witters chosing to protect their jobs instead of the students. >> a judge has ruled that victims of that deadly san bruno explosion can press for punitive damages. pg&e has settled dozens of claims from that explosion that killed eight people, injured many more and destroyed 38
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homes. another 350 claims are headed for trial this january. plaintiffs say the blast was the result of intentional disregard for public safety. they want punitive damages pg&e as well as compensation. pg&e claims that the explosion was an accident. >> the damage from that east coast storm may be thousands of mile away but there is help coming from right here in the bay area. >> and back here in just a couple minutes. rain right now in san rafael. rain in napa and american canyon. how does it play out for trick or treating?
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. tom went to the federal emergency management agency, fema in oakland with the relief that's head back east and if we will be left in a bind if something happens here at home. >> reporter: this is the 24-7 watch room at the headquarters,
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responsible for monitoring real and potential disaster issues in california, nevada, arizona, hawaii and all united states possessions in the pacific. the damage on the east coast is so bad it's. >> all hands on deck. >> reporter: the administrator said that her office is already sent a ten person incident management team to the east coast to match federal resources with local needs. >> they are there to help the states fill the gaps, the resource gap that the state identities and that the locals have. >> reporter: the no call has been made for supplies their depot at moffet field. they say that's ready to respond in an instant as eastern depots are depleted. >> if we area lift them or -- i wouldn't be surprised if they will be tapped. >> we sent people back and more if necessary depending on the damage a fair questiona rices, are we going to be protected here? >> we are maintaining
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arability. maintaining our our availability here. >> reporter: other agencies are also pulling resources all effort nation to the hard hit coast. ktvu channel 2news. >> local red cross also work around the clock to help. at 5:45 the simple things you can do to help those on the east coast. > fema is facing budget cuts even as it deals with sandy. the obama administration's budget take away 3% of their funds including a billion dollar cut in disaster preparedness money. romney has also talked about making some of their services private in the past. a new york times report said that grants to local first responders have been cut 43% over the past two years. >> the gravy train may be ending somewhat, there is money going back but i could see that
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being hurt. >> reporter: the obama administration and the romney campaign have both softened their stance on fema cuts over the past few days. >> a 44-year-old facing charges in connection with an arson fire that damaged the law offices of the vallejo mayor. maude love pleaded not guilty to three counts of arson. the september 29th fire destroyed much of davis's law office. family members said that love suffer from mental illness. >> the vp hit the campaign trail in florida telling supporters that a romney presidenty would be bad news for women. >> imagine, imagine what the 40 years of progress, women have made in that country would -- what happened to it after four years of the romney appointed supreme court. >> reporter: the vice president held a rally in sarasota.
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he said he hopes after the election the country will pull together as they have in the response to sandy. biden also stopped at a diner, shaking hands and posing for pictures. romney also campaigned in florida today holding three rallies in that state. >> with 23 million americans, you think about -- these are real people, these are folks trying to put food on the table. 23million struggling to find a good job. >> he appeared in tampa alongside rubio and jeb bush. he criticized the president's economic polesis noting as you heard a moment ago that 23 million americans are currently looking for work. >> americans may be getting tired of politics but one little girl was actually driven to tears. >> i'm tired of -- i'm tired of obama and romney. >> that's why you are crying?
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it'll be over soon. okay? it'll be over soon. >> okay. >> she and her mother were listening to npr when she started crying. npr sent her, an apology saying we must confess it's gone on long enough for us to. >> a new field poll shows two state tax measures on next week's ballot are both in danger of losing. the governor's proper 30, the income and sales tax initiative is still leading but -- [inaudible] below the 50% majority for a win. another one, proposition 38 is losing by a wider margin. >> berkeley city council has voted not to cooperate with the federal government's secure
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communities program. under the program local officials send automatic alerts to immigration officials when noncitizens are arrested. that has led to 80,000 deportations. city councilmembers said noncitizens shouldn't be treated differently from citizens since most often go to the custody of county that cooperate it probably won't make a difference. >> yahoo auto has named the tesla model s as it's car of the year. it can seat seven. it's called a future shock of an electric sedan. it costs more than $60,000. >> the rain held off for the parade today. let's see if it'll hold off for the trick or treating. >> i don't think so. i think especially the north bay it's its raining right now. i have reports from vallejo, the rain is starting. you can see it on the live storm tracker. we had a great break but look at this patch of moisture.
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it's slow moving, you know that. it's hung up on the north bay but in the next hour and a half two hour itself will make a big play as it moves south of the golden gate bridge. that's in san francisco and oakland that. will be about the time that trick or treaters get out there. facebook and twitter great for weather events. it's like boots on the ground. mill valley, steady rain there now and the homestead section for about an hour. we take another look. we go up toward the north bay. its been raining up there for an hour. heavy at times and they had a couple hours of rain. heavy reports in hills bug. this is up in -- raining about three hours. very heavy. here is what the computer model says for the next few hours, 7:00, that's -- kind of hung up in the north bay. watch what happens between seven and eight. boom san francisco, gauge, you have oakland, you are working your way in to the east bay.
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this is about eight. i suspect this is about right. i think you will see drizzle toward the haywood area, in san carlos, drizzle in san mateo, lighthouse, that's at eight. let's click it forward to nine or ten. everybody is engaged except the south bay. if you are in evergreen, morgan hill you are probably come out okay. there will be drizzle but you can see the heart of the bay area by ten everybody is wet. north bay getting hammered. tough one up there for the kids as we go through time between about seven and eight oakland, san francisco, albany, richmond. you will notice the rain as well. what do you do on a night like this? you take the umbrella and be careful because the kids are still going to go out and the road wills be slick. when i come back we will run the model through. it'll impact the morning drive too. >> thank you. san quentin on lockdown because
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of what the inmates issue [inaudible]. >> ucla is starting a little early. what will be banned as of next string? >>
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. san quentin on lockdown because of an outbreak of chicken pox. at least two inmates have come down with the highley contagious disease. its been locked down since last friday with only employees
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allowed to enter and leave the prison. another outbreak of chicken pox triggered the last medical lockdown. that was back in march of last year. no word on when it lay may be lifted. >> the university of california system is going smoke free in a few years but one campus is getting a head start. ucla has decided to ban all tobacco by next spring. starting april 26th cigarettes, cigars and tobacco will be prohibited. the chancellor's goal is to be the healthiest college campus in the nation. administrators warning of four confirmed cases of whooping cost at half moon bay high school. they sent out notices, it's highley contagious and can be serious. early symptoms similar a cold but progress to violent coughing fits. the cool district said there were no other confirmed cases of the illness in the district.
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>> concord police and city officials downtown this afternoon introducing a new way for neighbors to connect. they were on hand to answer questions about the social networking site next residents can discuss anything privately. they can also talk to city officials. its being used in about two dozen california cities. >> a civic center celebration units the giants with their fans. >> here in san jose neighborhoods and public agencies are joining forces to make this a scary but safe and happy halloween. we will show you how.
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. emotional and exciting day as san francisco welcomes home the giants. the parade was expected to draw a million people. david steven waske was there. >> reporter: that's right. right now the party is over but the clean up continues after the giants big party today. >> they started showing up before dawn at san francisco's civic center. die hard dedicated fans around the bay and across the country. you drove from idaho. >> yeah. >> reporter: why? >> giants won the series. i couldn't make the last one so i had to make this one. by daylight tens of thousands were here, jockeying for a premium viewing spot in front of city hall. how did you get here? >> i know people.
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>> love my giants. got to be here. >> reporter: the turn out by some estimates topped the million people that topped the 2010 win. >> i thank you. i thank you for always being there. i thank you for never giving up. i thank you for showing up wherever we have been and thank you for making this one of the greatest moments in my life. thank you. >> reporter: there were a few examples of bad behavior as fans rushed to get to higher ground. >> i think all in all for a crowd this size and parade that long its everything the city could hope for. >> reporter: it finished with an explosion of confeti. and the giants celebration of course fell on halla even today and police were hoping as
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people left the orange and black -- celebration tonight would remain peaceful. reporting live in san francisco. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2news. >> now the official celebration included a shower of orange confeety but hunter pence and their teammates did their own sun flower shower on stage. . >> the team recreated the clubhouse, they used to cheer to pump up the team and celebrate their victory during the playoffs and the world series. and take a look at this. this huge line is people at the ferry building in san francisco after today's parade and celebration. they were all waiting to get back on ferries heading back to the north or east bay. the ferry ran extra boats for today's celebration and you can see more of the great moments today's parade. go to the website, you will find interview was the players
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and we have a great slide show. that's at >> efforts to build an arena for the development league are facing a deadline. the warriors planned to build at renea at the foot of front street near the boardwalk. construction supplies have arrived but the project is still waiting for a lease signature from the company that owns the boardwalk. the deadline is november 15th. >> it's halloween night. that means children are hitting the streets to trick or treat and robert honda is in san jose tonight where several actions are doing what they can to help keep halloween safe. >> reporter: we are in a very busy neighborhood in san jose which makes it a great place to go trick or treating. what you see behind me is a santa clara county emergency services ambulance set up here. why? just a few minutes ago they set up here to pass out neon
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bracelets and safety information for trick or treaters and the people concerned about their well being there. are a lot of -- decorated houses. studies show children five to 14 years old are four times more likely to take a fall on halloween than on any other night mainly from being distracted dealing darkness and bad weather. here are some views of safety. >> tonight for halloween this is an evening where we normally want to encourage everybody to be vigilante, stay off the main road and patrol more of the residential areas. >> very two girls, 14 and 1 and i say stick with people you know and in the areas and neighborhoods you know. don't go down dark streets where you don't know the neighbors. stick with people you know and on the streets you know. >> reporter: so hopefully the only bad scene will be people
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just trying to scare kids for fun. now let's show you back with the ems crew here near downtown san jose. they will go around the area handing out the bracelets and safety tips, joining with other agencies to make this -- or try to make it a safe halloween. live in san jose. >> and despite the country recovering from sandy, 170 million americans are still planning to celebrate halloween and spending is expected to reach eight billion dollars. that's up almost 11% compared to last year. americans will spend about $79.81 on halloween candy, costumes and decorations. >> a warning health officials. the contra costa county mosquito district is reminding people to stay away from bats, skunks and other wildlife that appear to be sick. in july a 34-year-old died after contact with a rabid
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bat. some 930 bats statewide have tested positive for rabies. the oakley city council took a step forward on the possible relocation of the library. it's currently at freedom high school and councilmemberses gave the go ahead to move to the store across from city hall. staffer also com pile the -- the price tag could be four million dollars. >> shares in netflix went through the roof today. how it stems from what one wealthy man decided to do. >> outburst in court by an accused bay area killer. why he was yelling about basketball.
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. shares of netflix jumped on news that 9% of shares were bought by an investor. it ha climbed as high as $84.95 during trading today. last week netflix shares climbed on rumor that it could be a take over target for microsoft. >> redwood city ea has posted a 381 million-dollar loss for the southern california quarter
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of its fiscal year. that's up from a loss of 340 million a year earlier. after adjusts for stock compensation, expenses and deferred costs, the company a earning of 15-cents a share. they trimmed their yearly forecast due to concerns over how well it's now medal of honor game will do. >> sonoma county sheriff investigators looking in to the find of a body this morning. firefighters found the body this morning after putting out a burning rv. they haven't confirmed the identity of the person who died. a richmond man on trial for killing two people wants to hurry up the proceeding so he can go watch basketball. he is a accused of shooting his girlfriend and her friend three years ago. he is acting as his own attorney and has been angering family members with his comments. he asked the doctor if the gun
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shot wounds were consistent with good shooting. he has indicate that he wants to change his plea to guilty to end the trial. >> sandy won't bump the new york marathon. organizers say they expect it'll be run as scheduled. they are moving forward with plans despite flooding and transit shut downs. the mayor said he hopes that most of the city's power will be back on by race time. >> as the east coast prepares the bay area is pitching in. a woman headed across the country to help the victims of that storm. . >> and back here in just ten. light sprinkles showing up. the rain headed our way. when it arrives and how it'll impact trick or treating.
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. as people clean up after sandy red cross volunteers are heading to that disaster zone to pitch in. as alex tells us others are finding ways to help from here at home. >> reporter: responding to sandy, red cross volunteer hopped on a plane today flying to white plains new york. >> it can be traumatic. >> reporter: she is part of a disaster mental health team that's been deployed. she said she is most worried about the people who have the
5:45 pm
least. >> the more stresses you have already when you get hit with another one it's really hard. if we can respond quickly, then its really more likely that they can heal faster. >> reporter: so far just over 30 red cross volunteers the bay area have been deployed as many as 100 more could leave in the coming days. meantime the red cross is asking people here at home to pitch in by donating a pint. their blood donation center in oak hand was packed today. one woman decided to donate because of friends and family in the new york area. >> can give blood. >> reporter: the red cross has seen a 25% jump in donations across the bay area. all of that extra blood will go a long way to helping people in the storm zone. hundreds of blood drives have been canceled back east leaving the red cross with a short fall of 11,000 units. >> what we are hoping for is we will see the response from
5:46 pm
the donors. >> reporter: so far the response has been overwhelming in bay area blood centers. call it the sandy effect. >> the pope is praying for the victims of that super storm. he offered his prayers before a crowd of pilgrims in the rain. he expressed concern for everybody involved. the storm is being blamed for at least 64 deaths and $20 billion in damage. we have coverage of the impact of the storm including how you can help. >> a federal grand jury has indicted a man for allegedly stealing millions from the trust accounts he was overseeing. the attorney's office said that the suspect is a 60-year-old leo joshua kennedy of danville. he is facing ten counts of wire fraud. he is a accused of stealing $17 million from various trust accounts when he worked as an accountant for a firm in san jose. if convicted he could be
5:47 pm
sentenced to 20 years. ? a judge ruled a former doctor, is able for retrial on molestation charges. the battle over it started after his first trial ended in a hung jury and prosecutors prepared for a retrial. in july the napa state hospital issued a report saying that the 80-year-old accused molester was making up his dementia to try to avoid a new trial. the judge scheduled it for next march after yesterday's final hearing. he is a accused of molesting five children. >> investigators have arrested a 66-year-old man ono charges he committed sex crimes against two girled under the age of 14. he was reportedly taken in to custody monday after detectives interviewed him. they say that the girls said thea abuse started two years ago and lasted for one year. the sheriff's department didn't release further detail. take a close look at these pictures out of arizona.
5:48 pm
it's a jeep sitting 14 feet in the area on the border fence. mexican smugglers built a ramp to drive up and over but you can tell they didn't quite make it. the men ran back into mexico. the agents took the jeep as well as that ramp. >> san francisco based visa beat easternings expectations for the last fiscal quarter. the company made $1.7 billion from july through september. that is almost double the amount it made in the same period last year. revenue rose 15% to $2.7 billion. the news pushed visa stock up about 1.5% in after hours trading. >> parade was great as bill martin predicted it would be but now that we are focusing on tonight a lot of people are already getting their halloween
5:49 pm
rained on. >> certainly north of the bridge. it's wet. the kid's have umbrellas. it's range heavy. we have heavy rain showing up in parts of san rafael. the north bay getting wet. live storm tracker two show that rain as it moves south. it's a slow mover. you can see where it is right now. we are getting reports of drizzle on the bridge. a live radar update on the richmond, san rafael bridge. we have showers showing up. this area is working south very slowly. we will time that out for you in just a moment. the forecast headlines then of course will be the clouds and source tonight. it's a drag but kids are going out any way. we just will have umbrellas and jackets, you need to be careful drive around and just watch out because the roads will be slick. especially in the authority bay. rain will start in san francisco and oakland. probably in the next hour and a half. the weekend starts to warm up. the computer model does this. here we are. watch this jump between seven
5:50 pm
at night. this is the front and eight. an hour jump. boom. right over the top of san francisco -- a lot of kids in the cities so getting some rain right now, by eight i suspect more coverage and then we get further down the road. now ten, we are getting fremont, concord, little lit of livermore but -- think you are out of it. i think the kids will be able to get out but look at the peninsula by nine, ten at night. you get the picture. you will need the umbrella. everybody authority of san jose and west of livermore looking at showers. an inch up in the santa rosa area when all is said and done. half an inch in the central bay and maybe two tenths in san jose as the system slides through. it'll linger tonight but by tomorrow morning i suspect that we will be dry but the roadways will be wet. here is how it breaks down for the halloween. showers san francisco and
5:51 pm
oakland. south bay a chance of showers. this area, san jose, you may get away with it but everybody else under the gun. it'll be wet. the five day forecast after this. things warming up. tomorrow not a half bad day. you know it's funny. a lot of forecasting to be done and a five-day forecast coming up. we all have kids, i just feel terrible that at this hour and -- the next three we are going to have rain in much the bay area and it's raining on people's parade. that's a drag. just be careful. >> yeah. especially all the country drivers. drive slowly. >> it's getting dark early. especially when it's wet. >> thank you. >> the court is take up drug sniffing dogs. and it may be one of the worst times during a flight when passengers are told to put away their cell phones and laptops. the input you could have right now on that federal safety policy.
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5:54 pm
. there is new information on what may have caused a deadly yacht crash off the mexican coast. united states sailing officials now say a poor look out probably played a key role in the crash. the yacht was taking part in a race last april when it smashed into the tip of a island off
5:55 pm
mexico. all hour sailors on board were killed. a partly inflated dingy was found but the yacht didn't have an emergency radio beacon. >> now is the time to submit a ban on electronic devices on planes. they will close a two month comment paired on -- period on november 5th. you will find a link to the comment site at under web linings. for now opposition to noise is he inflight conversations is so strong that the faa is reportedly only considering the use of various devices and possibly texting but not talking. >> the court today heard arguments about drug anying dogs. in say the use of them outside a home to detect drugs inside is a breach of privacy. they are also considering
5:56 pm
making states prove in court how effective drug sniffing dogs are before prosecutors can use evidence obtained by them. the justice also rule on the cases next year. european news agencies want google news to pay up. they are pressuring the governments of france, germany and italy to tax them for linking to their articles and then using that money to help news outlets in those countries. google said if it's forced to pay for linking those news sources it'll just stop indexing them. >> with refollowing developing news in san francisco. coming up in two minutes, two people shot, eric on the scene talking to witnesses about what they saw and heard. >> and a san jose principal on trial. we were in court as a police detective testified about his conversation with the administrator who is now accused of failing to report possible child molestation.
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. complete bay area news coverage. this is the news at six. >> its been amazing and without you guys we wouldn't be here and you are by far the best fans in baseball and we got to hear that. all proseason and its been
5:59 pm
unbelievable. >> and good evening. >> a giant celebration takes overo san francisco. >> it did. we were there live all day along the parade route with your world series champion giants. >> we have live team coverage of parade day but first we are following developing storeys in san francisco where two people have been shot. it happened in the city's tender loin district about six blocks the civic center. eric is on the scene now talking to police and witnesses. eric. >> reporter: a lot of people thought they were hearing fireworks at first. it happened at a time when a lot 6 people had just started leaving the giant celebration at ty hall. one woman who lives here at the corner said the shooting sent everybody rushing for cover. police say it happened around 2:45 and when officers arrived this found two victims, one was treated released from the

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Tuner Channel 93 (639 MHz)
Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 704
Pixel height 480
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 11/1/2012